Novalja on island Pag in Croatia

Create memories of a lifetime in this amazing city on island Pag. Relax on gorgeous sand or pebbly beaches, explore the local cuisine, history, culture and entertainment, or check out the many landmarks around the island.

Novalja Top 10

Explore local Cultural Heritage

Go for a discovery walk around the small town streets, explore the Town museum, find out more about the rich history of the town. Novalja town’s name has the origin in the Latin word navalia – a dock in a port. Novalja was an important trading port in Roman times.
Ancient Aqueduct – Talijanova buža – is one of the longest and well preserved underground aqueducts from the Roman times; you can even walk trough one section of it!

Visit the Olive gardens of Lun

A peaceful oasis on the north part of the island, called Lun. For centuries, about 80,000 wild olive trees growing on an area covering 400 ha. The oldest olive tree in the Olive Gardens of Lun has been around for over 2,000 years, which makes it one of the three oldest olive trees in the world, along with trees from Greece and Israel.

Plan your visit: Olive Gardens of Lun

Taste the Pag cheese

If you visit Pag island it is a MUST to taste this delicacy. Pag cheese is an original product of the island and it is served in all local restaurants. You can even visit several cheese factories or local family farms where the cheese is being produced.

The island of Pag has a long tradition of cheese making. The Pag’s autochthonous breed of sheep graze freely over the salty and aromatic vegetation, giving an unique taste to their milk. The cheese is characterised by a pleasant, salty and even spicy flavour.

Visit Boškinac Winery

Winery is located in a incredibly beautiful surroundings. The fundamental mission of the cellar is the conservation of the indigenous grape variety Gegić. The Gegić wine is their passion and obsession.

The winery is part of the Boutique Hotel Boškinac. The hotel’s restaurant is a proud owner of a Michelin star since 2020.

Plan your visit: Hotel, Restaurant & Winery Boškinac

Active vacation

Hiking, Rock climbing, bicycle trails, adrenaline and water sports and many other activities are waiting to be discovered! The Life On Mars Trail is one of the most unique trails in Croatia and Europe! 4 trekking trails are taking you on a journey around the incredible moon-looking landscape!

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